Software Engineer with 20 years of experience in analyzing requirements, designing, and developing software solutions, across a wide range of domains including eCommerce and retail industry, health, education, energy & power management, finance, insurance, banking, and IT.

  • Takes ownership working independently as well as in a team, mentoring others as required.

Has excellent written as well as spoken communication skills. Usually interacts directly with customers, and was sent on site to earn the customer’s trust to Germany, England and the US.

  • Being strong in fundamental aspects of object oriented approaches and design patterns, adapts to technology required by the organization in any situation. Experience mainly includes development in C#/Microsoft.NET and Java, for desktop or web based applications, and also limited experience in native Android applications. Has extensive experience in developing single page applications with Javascript /jQuery. Has also worked on Groovy/Grails and Ruby on Rails.

  • After an initial learning curve, becomes good at looking at a bird’s eye view of the project, and seeing if any tools can be created (if any don’t already exist) to simplify workflow and improve productivity. Facilitates collaboration with knowledge sharing, and extensively documents information that makes project more process oriented than people dependent.

  • Has conducted a few technical training workshops, that go beyond syntax or buzzwords, and touch upon pragmatic best programming practices like coding standards, design patterns, refactoring or structured error handling. Participants feel inspired and empowered to develop high quality solutions.

  • Experienced in Agile development practices such as test-driven development, pair programming, daily stand up meetings and war rooms. Successfully completed a SCRUM Master training, by Pete Deemer, and obtained a SCRUM Master certification. Though did not completely integrate CI/CD and DevOps, got familiar with it in the background.

A self-managed, accountable and pro-active engineer, interested in conceptualizing, architecting, designing and developing software applications. Has set up cloud instances on AWS and Azure. Thrives at jumping into the unknown and finding the way around, developing prototypes / proof of concepts.

Brings in not just technical skills, but is keen on a sense of culture that binds people together in bringing out the best in them and oneself. Open to criticism and can either communicate and clarify as well as strive for improvement.