September 1997 – November 1999

Various banking related projects were executed, some at the client’s site in Dusseldorf, Germany as well. This is a banking server, which confirms to the German banking standards and processes clients (account holders of the bank) requests. It is responsible for the communication between the customers of the bank and the banking software that does the accounting. The ZKA standard standardizes the computerization of banking in Germany ; a client does communication by sending different types of files for each order. Currently FTAM protocol is being used, and the file is received at the bank side by the banking server, and processed accordingly. If the client has requested any information, the data is sent back in a file, through FTAM. The software is being implemented as three modules.

The first is a DLL that handles the sending and receiving of files through FTAM called the Protocol Handler. The second, a DCOM component which exposes a dual interface, and implements core functionality such as decompression, encryption, submission of files to the host (the accounting software, a black box to this project). The third is another DCOM component that acts as an interface to the database, and all access to the database by any of the modules is only done through this component. The latter two components are implemented in Java, for reusability on other platforms, as a COM DLL. The communication from the Bank Server to the host is done using the file transfer project described below.

This was the project where I got the maximum exposure to a variety of technical and non-technical skills. It is in this project that I first started going beyond my specified duties, and went on to lead and mentor the other teammates, and guided them to successfully finish the project. Withstood the tremendous pressure of milestones and changing requirements. Designed and implemented the Protocol Handler, at the same time playing the role of a Technical Lead finding out ways to overcome hurdles in the project, guiding and training the other younger people in the project and taking responsibility by my own initiative to ensure high quality software.

Among other tasks, developed a wizard using AWT, JNI, Java Cryptography libraries, which enabled first time users to establish their connection to the bank supplying their public key, hash value, and various other details. Provided some innovative ideas about the user interface design to the client that significantly improved the quality of the product.

Development Environment: WinNT 4.0, Unix (for testing by the client s/w)

Development: VC++ (for the DLL), VJ++ for the DCOM components

Technologies: C++, Java Servlets, Java AWT, Java JNI, COM, VBScript (for scripts associated with each order type)