April 2002 to March 2003

HP MAB is a first of the kind effort in the industry to provide a comprehensive framework to allow a plug-n-play architecture for the media and entertainment industry. It is the next logical step, beyond the point-to-point integration of applications. It adds value by providing a set of standard interfaces for media applications.

It supports multiple transports between applications, through XML based, message exchange transport abstraction. It has the ability to tailor the application-to-application workflow for specific customer solutions. Workflow customization at multiple levels of application granularity are possible. It includes a simple but extensible integration API that can seamlessly support new MAB application integration.

Responsibilities included researching new technologies and evaluation of the concerned third party products:

  • Coauthored a widely succesful whitepaper on Digital Content Management.
  • Created a knowledge base of the concerned technologies and shared it with the rest of the team in the form of a series of presentations on asset and rights management.
  • Wrote many prototypes as proofs of concept for many ideas which proved to be a value-adds to the solution.
  • Reused a lightweight workflow component to productize it and incorporate it into the solution.
  • Developed adapters to enable various products to work together.
  • The products among others, include: Virage’s video indexing product Videologger, Telestream’s transcoding product FlipFactory and TIBCO’s messaging product Rendevous, Realnetwork’s streaming server Helix, and Microsoft’s Media Player and Media Encoder.

Development Environment: Windows XP

Development: C++, Java

Technologies: Digital Media technologies such as Video Ingestion, Video Indexing, Transcoding, Broadband, Content Management, Workflow, Storage, Metadata store, Messaging

Team Size: 4

Duration: 11 months

Designation: Associate Software Analyst