Reply to an AOL article somebody had posted…

Quite a few of the points were the kind of things that we might have thought about at some point in time but end up forgetting when we get caught up with Everyday… anyway good to see a reminder! 🙂 Some comments inline…

> India has so much to be proud of. Why are we not taking her seriously?

This is something I really used to wonder a lot…. around a few years ago after my visit to the US, I came to this current conclusion [which is of course only a *generalisation* and subject to change]

The following is written from the perspective of a hypothetical human born and brought up in Mars and visiting Earth for the first time:

The West is a place where beauty first becomes immediately obvious, and the ugliness is very subtle. In India ugliness is immediately obvious, and beauty is more subtle, and more powerful.

To really appreciate India, one needs to move beyond the obvious into the subtle.

> When you are at peace with yourself and facilitate ease in your
> atmosphere, your work culture improves automatically. All managers should
> constantly be thinking of ways and means of creating an easy, informal
> atmosphere. Whenever you walk into your office, you always get a salaam;
> do you look behind the greeting? Is it really genuine?

This is a global “human” phenomenon 🙂 When I saw this comic (attached) I laughed finding it really funny, but was suddenly jarred when I wondered if I was like the character in it!!

Ok here are a few simple ideas which Ive tried to follow once in a way (might be common already, and btw not dependent on mgr)

  • get some snacks in the evenings for team mates [taking turns/tracking expenses not necessary imo]
  • make it a habit to take a short walk around/out of office with somebody maybe after lunch, but ideally in the evening, and not necessarily with the same person every day.
  • and one more thing is have lunch with some new/unfamiliar colleague at the cafeteria once in a way

> The human mind says ”only I am functioning, I am in charge of
> ‘; but there is actually something else that is at work, that gets the
> done. You can move ahead against all odds and achieve what you want,
> impossible; as long as you have faith. Your conviction will make things
> happen. Even nature supports you when you have conviction.

Reminds me of the Alchemist (book by Paulo Coelho):

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it…It’s called the principle of favorability, beginner’s luck. Because life wants you to achieve your destiny.”

“When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.”


> Seventh, is IT, not just Information Technology but also Inner
> Transformation, ie, the spiritual wealth of our country. We must educate
> children. Tell me, how many of you have read Yoga Vashishta? It is a
> treasure, which carries a wealth of details about consciousness. New York
> University has printed this commentary, all these movies that you see
> (Matrix, etc.) are based on Yoga Vasishtha… But still we have not read
> All the knowledge about Self and Brahma is in it.

Hmm sounds interesting. If its available online can someone pls post the link (I found only descriptions and summaries of it by somebody or the other).