Any reader here is unlikely to notice anything different. however if there’s anything unexpected please let me know, thanks!

The upgrade from 1.5 to 2.02 should’ve been extremely simple actually, maybe I did something the hard way 😉 though I more or less followed instructions. I think largely the FTP must’ve failed somewhere in the middle, so I had to delete everything and retry. Also the theme had to be edited and revamped a bit. At some point it looked like the whole thing was a disaster. Finally things fell into place and I was able to also get the latest versions of various plugins used here. Plugins, theme, et all – 3 hours was a bit more than I expected.

Also cleaned up unused plugins, removed the Indian and World Top Site Bloggers references (used to be in the footer), somehow I felt I’m not concerned anymore – it was just a passing curiosity (that slowed down the page load).

The new drag and drop AJAX admin interface is pretty cool, but the main changes are wrt security.