Banking Server Customization

Since April 2008

The ZKA standard standardizes the computerization of banking in Germany; a client does communication by sending different types of files for each order. Responsible for customization of the banking server by providing various plugins based on past expertise in German banking standards, as well as deep knowledge of Java. Also involved a three month visit to the customer site in Munich, Germany to better understand the requirements.

Design and implementation of various plugins for the IBS Banking System, a banking application as per German ZKA standards. IBS is implemented as a J2EE web based application running on Weblogic. The plugins were Java classes that implemented interfaces and used utility classes provided by the banking server. It included a GUI from a Java Applet that connected to an Oracle database to perform various business processes. Different functionalities of the bank extended by these plugins included:

o file transfer to various secure destinations (FTP/SFTP/FTPS)

o importing and exporting various kinds of data in different formats

o backing up data

o customized data validation

Design and implementation of an Automatic Download Tool, that enables a customer to connect to a German bank and perform various actions over a secure encrypted connection. This was implemented as a Java standalone command line application, that used various encryption libraries and Java networking API to connect to the server and process the response.

Design and implementation of the BigBangDate checker – a new feature in a Java banking project. This module performs various business processes to ensure that a critical date has not been completed.

Development Environment: Windows Vista

Development: Eclipse, Eclipse, Java, JSP, Oracle Database

Technologies: Apache Weblogic, Java, Applets, Plugin Interface of Banking Server, secure FTP libraries

Team Size: 1

Duration: 12 months

Designation: Software Designer – Consultant