Pixelpipe is no doubt one of the one of the best, most convenient software services I’ve ever seen, that integrates seamlessly with Nokia’s ShareOnline of Nokia E71. I can upload pictures and video and audio right from my mobile into my blog or any other pre-configured destination!

Suddenly yesterday, it started giving an error “One or more media items discarded because your service provider does not support them”

I googled and found that there were other’s who had a similar issue, even few months ago (so it wasn’t a sudden overnight change on some server). But no one really had any constructive suggestion for a solution. I did try updating the service but that hadn’t made any difference.

Finally the solution turned out to be to delete the Pixelpipe entry from Shareonline completely. I was concerned that this might affect my content already online (in case it results in deletion of my account as well!)

Still tried it out as there was no other option, and then visited the site http://m.pixelpipe.com/nokia with my mobile browser, and downloaded the configuration file again. Finally this worked fine and I’m into uploading again!