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Banking Server Customization Since April 2008 The ZKA standard standardizes the computerization of banking in Germany; a client does communication by sending different types of files for each order. Responsible for customization of the banking server by providing various plugins based on past expertise in German banking standards, as well as deep knowledge of Java. […]

Jewelry Store Management Portal April 2008 to May 2008 This project was a Jewelry management portal application in Microsoft .NET based on customizing Microsoft Sharepoint. It had workflow right from importing images, to organizing them and selling the jewelry. Responsible for analysis, interacting and developing along with the customer, extreme programming style. Developed several re-usable […]

Register – Insurance Claim Registration March 2008 to May 2008 Summit Register was a project that involved a new technology for Grails that is based on Java. Was the single person who took up complete responsibility for this project, interacted with the US customer and did the analysis and design. At the same time, learnt […]

April 2002 to March 2003 HP MAB is a first of the kind effort in the industry to provide a comprehensive framework to allow a plug-n-play architecture for the media and entertainment industry. It is the next logical step, beyond the point-to-point integration of applications. It adds value by providing a set of standard interfaces […]

BANKING SERVER AND VARIOUS OTHER PROJECTS September 1997 – November 1999 Various banking related projects were executed, some at the client’s site in Dusseldorf, Germany as well. This is a banking server, which confirms to the German banking standards and processes clients’ (account holders of the bank) requests. It is responsible for the communication between […]