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Grails is pretty fast to get up and running. We mainly need to be clear about one main thing, the domain model. The primary task is to identify the entities in the system as domain classes, and then elaborate on them adding properties. Then define the relationships between them. Once this is done, we get […]

Objective: to have a seperate logger exclusively for writing some special messages to a seperate file. Usually log4j writes to logs based on package & class names, as covered by the Log4J Configuration Documentation (In fact, some things have changed since Grails 1.1) But we sometimes need a logger for logging special messages, though we […]

Here’s a useful class that reads a CSV file and returns each row of values. Its based on some regular expressions I found on the net (unfortunately URL got lost, but its a fairly straightforward one to fine). Call back functions to make it a convenient way to read the input CSV file. // create […]

[TODO: open a new site for technical posts or revamp this one so that they don’t get mixed up…!!] After a long time, thanks to the lovely spirit, opportunity and encouragement I received from my fellow spiders @ spiderlogic, I actually managed to contribute something however insignificant to the GRAILS open-source community. For a has-many […]

This is a technical post, I should probably create another site for such things. Just want to document some problems I came across while trying out some examples from The Definitive Guide To Grails… class Bookmark {     static hasMany = [tags:Tag]        URL url    String title    String notes    Date dateCreated = new Date()} class […]