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With my trusty E71 functioning as good as a mini-PC for all practical applications including Maps/GPS, Instant Messaging integrated with Google Chat and other IM services, Email, Twitter, and various other applications, and surviving a few very tough falls, I never thought I’d upgrade my phone in a long time. At some point I purchased […]

A helicopter was flying around above Seattle yesterday when an electrical malfunction disabled all of the aircraft’s electronic navigation and communication equipment. Due to the clouds and haze the pilot could not determine his position or course to steer to the airport. The pilot saw a tall building, flew toward it, circled, drew a handwritten […]

Coming soon: how to make best use of your Nokia E71. Most of this might apply to E63 and E72 as well… For now…

Just a hurried note, will add more details soon, but this should have the relevant info… On Nokia, set up, Mail For Exchange (from Ovi Store), and then visit this link on google: Google Sync for Nokia S60 to link your phone to your calendar. I’ve set up the sync time as once every 12 […]

Pixelpipe is no doubt one of the one of the best, most convenient software services I’ve ever seen, that integrates seamlessly with Nokia’s ShareOnline of Nokia E71. I can upload pictures and video and audio right from my mobile into my blog or any other pre-configured destination! Suddenly yesterday, it started giving an error “One […]

Most people would rather curl up with a hard bound paper book, than read an online version on their screen. Even if the online version was free. Yet there are so many forms of media online, like embedded short sound clips or video clips, that are an integral part of an online reading experience. Consider: […]

Here is a stored procedure that replaces customer specific data with random strings. There is a function that generates strings with as many words as specified in the parameter. For example, name will have only two words, whereas address could have 4 words and so on. This function uses a for loop to iterate through […]

There seems to be nothing readymade equivalent to Microsoft’s SQL Profiler that allows us to monitor SQL statements executing at the database. There are a lot of sites that talk about using v$session view, using a complex SQL query, for example this one. All I wanted to do was look at the exact query sent […]

Steven may not have been a rock star but his presentation on PL/SQL Best Practices definitely ROCKED! Its been the most entertaining, informative and positively INSPIRING tech talk I’ve ever attended (and believe me, with 10+ years in the IT industry I’ve attended quite a few and given some of my own as well) 🙂 […]

The below are excerpts from a couple of websites… ——– We all know the drill: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Re-use code. Rely on libraries of pre-built code. And yet so few of us do it. One way to avoid “deja code”, that feeling you’d written this algorithm before, is to generate code rather than write […]