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Here is a stored procedure that replaces customer specific data with random strings. There is a function that generates strings with as many words as specified in the parameter. For example, name will have only two words, whereas address could have 4 words and so on. This function uses a for loop to iterate through […]

There seems to be nothing readymade equivalent to Microsoft’s SQL Profiler that allows us to monitor SQL statements executing at the database. There are a lot of sites that talk about using v$session view, using a complex SQL query, for example this one. All I wanted to do was look at the exact query sent […]

Steven may not have been a rock star but his presentation on PL/SQL Best Practices definitely ROCKED! Its been the most entertaining, informative and positively INSPIRING tech talk I’ve ever attended (and believe me, with 10+ years in the IT industry I’ve attended quite a few and given some of my own as well) 🙂 […]

The below are excerpts from a couple of websites… ——– We all know the drill: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Re-use code. Rely on libraries of pre-built code. And yet so few of us do it. One way to avoid “deja code”, that feeling you’d written this algorithm before, is to generate code rather than write […]

Every now and then its a good idea for even an experienced developer to revisit the basics again. SQL joins esp complicated ones weren’t exactly my strong point anyway, and today was a good day to get back to some basics… I found this site particularly good because of the explanation wrt the set theory […]