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After examining different approaches of drawing UML sequence diagrams, today I came across a good way of drawing class diagrams as well. I don’t know how I didn’t come across this site before! Its a similar concept to the websequencediagrams site, where we can specify in simple text notation and it generates a pretty good […]

A picture says a 1000 words. This is quite true even of UML, the Unified Modeling Language that’s used as a diagrammatic representation of software artifacts. One of the key advantages of having a diagram is to convey a lot of ideas with a simple glance. Diagrams usually simplify one’s perspective, and can give a […]

This is a pretty good program – thanks to Conan who sent me a link. It reminds us to take breaks during computer usage. It really helps to avoid the almost invisible physical strain that we are inadvertently causing to ourselves. The animated excercises are pretty cool! I tried this software today and at first […]

Sometimes we need to really ramp up during a critical phase, getting different teams to work together. That’s where a war room comes into picture. Below are excerpts from some web pages. Working Together In “War Rooms” Doubles Teams’ Productivity, University Of Michigan Researchers Find Teams of workers that labored together for several months in […]

These are pretty useful tools that makes my roles as a software developer much easier… will be updating this list over time… Scite – Lightweight Powerful Text Editor: Though there are other ones like Notepad++, I found scite really comprehensive and amazingly fast, and based on screenshots only, I didn’t actually install Notepad++ to compare, […]

Now there are a great deal of buses from different IT companies, that run from Electronics City to the main city. The journey is typically around 1.5 hours one way, and sometimes the road is bumpy (and that’s an understatement 😉 ). When another IT company bus passed me and I looked at the inmates […]

I’ve come across a lot of fellow software engineers who seem to be really scared to ever admit that they don’t know anything. At different points in time, I’ve been in situations where I’ve failed to understand something that I needed to, or have ended up with colleagues whom I have to rely upon but […]

Relevant only if you work with XML… This is a pretty neat free XML Editor from Microsoft that I’ve used for quite a few years… as lightweight as Notepad. We can just draw XML and drag and drop nodes, and then view source to copy the XML source. XML Notepad offers an intuitive and simple […]

Some general things based on noticing the indiscriminate carnage of trees (indirectly) whenever I collect a printout from the printer in office. Three very simple things…. * Don’t “print and forget” – dont *forget* to collect your printout! * Set your Default Printer Preferences to print on both sides of the paper. * Please think […]

mini-island Originally uploaded by common man. Actually I’m just discovering why Leonid was so impressed with flickr. There are countless other features like customizable APIs, tags, calendars, etc but one of the coolest things is the way it provides an upload tool that integrates with Windows Explorer – just right click and send to Flickr! […]